Project Acronym: IoT-Viana
Project Name: Infrastruturação central de sensOrização remoTa no âmbito da Rede Municipal de Ciência de Viana do Castelo
Researcher, Local Coordinator

Activity years : 2019-2020
Host Institution: IPVC
Description: O projeto tem dois âmbitos de caráter complementar e pioneiro no panorama nacional: fundar a infraestrutura de comunicação de suporte à Rede Municipal de Ciência e dar cumprimento, por via dessa infraestrutura, ao preceituado no D.L. 108/2018 de 3 de dezembro, nomeadamente permitir o conhecimento da concentração de gás radão nos edifícios titulados ou de posse municipal, em tempo real, permitindo a sua boa gestão de uso e acautelando a saúde pública dos seus usufrutuários/utilizadores, através da boa gestão do risco de exposição.
Partners: Câmara Municipal de Viana do Castelo, DIGIHEART


Project Acronym: RnMonitor
Project Name: RnMonitor: Online Monitoring Infrastructure and Active Mitigation Strategies for Indoor Radon Gas in Public Buildings on the Northern Region of Portugal
Position: Researcher, Project Manager
Activity years : 2017-2019
Host Institution: IPVC/Instituto de Telecomunicações
Description: RnMonitor project focus on the design of a Cyber-Physical System (CPS) for online monitoring and active mitigation of radon gas concentration inside granitic public buildings of the north region of Portugal.
Partners: Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave; BMViV
Website IPVC:
Website IT:
Publications (8): 

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P&H Monitoring

Project Acronym:  P&H Monitoring
Project Name: PLUG&HEAT Monitoring
Position: Consultant
Begin: 15/07/2016 | End: 31/12/2017
Host Institution: IPVC
Description: Consulting services for requirements definition, technical specification and project design of an advanced telemetry system for heating boilers.
Partner: Ventil Engenharia do Ambiente, LDA


Project Acronym: ShopAnalytics
Project Name: ShopAnalytics
Researcher, Project Manager

Activity years : 2015-2018
Description: The ShopAnalytics project envisions the research and development of a low-cost solution to automatically analyse the behavior of the consumers inside big shopping areas, namely hypermarkets, in order to optimize the given area and improve sales while improving the consumers’ experience.
Partners: LAPA Studio, Lda; NANIUM
Publications (1): 

  1. F. Pereira, P. Pinho, R. Gonçalves, N.B. Carvalho, J. Lobato, S.I. Lopes, “Antenna design for ultra-compact Bluetooth devices”, 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation & USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting, San Diego, CA, USA, 2017, pp. 2619-2620, DOI:

Panorama II Rádio

Project Acronym: PANORAMA II RÁDIO
Position: R&D Engineer
Activity years: 2014
Host Institution: Instituto de Telecomunicações
Description: PANORAMA II project aims at developing the referential architecture of PTIN – Netb@nd – to a new level, with the introduction of new products/components based on both optical and radio advanced platforms, and new QoS management and control paradigms, in accordance with the following vectors of research and development: 1. Advanced Optical Platforms; 2. Radio Advanced Platforms; 3. Services and Network Applications.
Partners: PT Inovação, Universidade de Coimbra
Publications (1): 

  1. S. J. Alves, F. A. Martins, A. I. Prata, S.I. Lopes, J. C. Duarte, P. Jesus, N. Silva, A. S. Oliveira and N. B. Carvalho, “High Performance Microwave Point-to-Point Link for 5G Backhaul with Flexible Spectrum Aggregation”, IMS2015 International Microwave Symposium 2015, 17-22 May, Phoenix, USA, DOI:


Project Acronym: AcousticAVE
Project Name: Auralisation Models and Applications in Virtual Reality Environments
Position: R&D Engineer
Activity years
: 2013/2014
Reference: PTDC/EEA-ELC/112137/2009
Host Institution:
: Acoustic modelling strategies and consideration of spatial audio presentation for the results obtained and how they can be applied in virtual reality applications
Partners: University of York / UK
Publications (2): 

  1. G. Campos, P. Dias, J.M.N. Vieira, J. Santos, C. Mendonça, J.P. Lamas, N. Silva, S.I. Lopes, “Acousticave: Auralisation Models and Applications in Virtual Reality Environments”, European Symposium on Smart Cities and Environmental Acoustics, 29-31 October 2014, Murcia, Spain.
  2. S.I. Lopes, J. M. N. Vieira, G. Campos, P. Dias, “Sistema de Realidade Aumentada Áudio 3D para Dispositivos iOS”. In Proceedings of the 12th Audio Engineering Society Brazil Conference (AES Brazil 2014), R. R. A. Faria (ed.), ISSN 2177-529X, pp.100-104, São Paulo, Brazil, 13-15 May, 2014.


Project Acronym: ARTTS
Project Name: Assistive Real-Time Technology in Singing
Position: R&D Engineer
Activity years: 2013
Host Institution: FEUP/UP
: This project proposal gathers expertise in the areas of singing pedagogy, engineering and laryngology, promotes pos-graduate research work benefitting from the synergy between different disciplines, and aims at providing singing students, teachers and professionals with solutions helping them to optimize singing learning and training, and to perform safely.
Publications (1): 

  1. M. A. Alves, R. S. Sousa, S.I. Lopes, V. Almeida, A. J. S. Ferreira, “Voice Type Discovery”. In the 19th edition of the Portuguese Conference on Pattern Recognition – RecPad 2013, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal, November the 1st, 2013.

Pervasive Tourism

Project Acronym: Pervasive Tourism
Project Name: Pervasive Tourism – A Computação ubíqua, as tecnologias pervasivas e as aplicações contextualizadas ao serviço do turismo
Position: R&D Engineer
Activity years: 2010/2012
Reference: CENTRO-07-0202-FEDER-011507
Host Institution: IEETA
: This project is sought to develop the following technological solutions for the Tourism sector: i) A Mobile Travel Guide (for mobile devices) based in context (namely, in location and preferences of each tourist); ii) A Tourist Card (for automatic tourist identification), which will enable the creation of tourist profiles (with the production of statistics and reports) for use as input in the definition of a region Touristic Strategy; iii) An Enriching Tourist Experience solution, based in interactive surfaces; iv) A Multimedia Museum Guide (that can be extended to other business opportunities, such as conferences or other entities), with automatic recognition for visitors and items in exposition.
Partners: DeCA/UA, Ubiwhere
Publications (4): 

  1. S.I. Lopes; J. M. N. Vieira; D. F. Albuquerque, “High Accuracy 3D Indoor Positioning Using Broadband Ultrasonic Signals”. Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications (TrustCom), 2012 IEEE 11th International Conference on, pp.2008-2014, 25-27 June, 2012, DOI:
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Project Acronym: CAMBADA
Project Name: Cooperative Autonomous Mobile roBots with Advanced Distributed Architecture
Position: R&D Engineer
Activity years: 2005-2007
Host Institution: IEETA/University of Aveiro
: CAMBADA is the RoboCup Middle-Size League soccer team of the University of Aveiro (IEETA – Institute of Electronics and Telematics Engineering of Aveiro / DETI – Department of Electronics Telecommunications and Informatics), Portugal.
Publications (4): 

  1. J. M. N. Vieira, S.I. Lopes, C. A. C. Bastos, P. N. Fonseca, “Ultrasound sensor array for robust location.”, In Sapaty, P and Filipe, J, editor, Multi-Agent Robotic Systems, Proceedings, pages 84–93, 2007. 3rd International Workshop on Multi-Agent Robotic Systems, Angers, FRANCE, MAY, 2007, ISBN: 978-972-8865-85-6, DOI:
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